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We design insurance programmes for our clients using a Risk Management approach and simulating being their internal Risk & Insurance Department.


We perform Technical Audits of insurance programmes in order to identify gaps in coverages, insufficient limits, warranties which could invalidate coverages, and uninsured risks ( which might have remained unrecognized )


As well as designing and placing insurance programmes for our clients, we also provide close support and advice throughout the claims process:

  • Working jointly with insurers to select an appropriate loss adjuster,

  • Advising on the process of compiling the necessary proofs of loss,

  • Participating in meetings with the loss adjuster, and

  • Negotiating a just settlement of the loss with insurers


through the active participation and support of our dedicated Claims Department and Directors.



We believe firmly that our clients will attain their goals more easily when their workforce can rely upon benefits plans satisfying all their needs.


Our Employee Benefits team is able to assist in the design, negotiation and placement of insurance programmes comprising:

  • Life

  • Personal Accident

  • Health – insured plans

  • Health – administered plans

  • Funeral Expenses


As well as providing support in claims management and monitoring of loss history, and an emergency phone contact number with 24/7 coverage.



We have preferential tariffs with several insurance carriers and we can put together fleet policies for:

  • Corporately owned vehicles

  • Employee owned vehicles – this represents an important benefit for your employees when the premiums are financed by the corporation and recovered wholly or partially by payroll deductions

  • Affinity groups – clubs, not for profit organisations, professional organisations, etc.



We can place in the Venezuelan market bonds for the following purposes; and for multinational clients we can coordinate the use of pre-agreed quotas with international reinsurers as support for the local market, as well as counter guarantees or comfort letters from the parent:

  • Bid bonds

  • Labour obligations

  • Advance payments

  • Customs bonds

  • Performance bonds

  • Good quality bonds

Soluciones para empesas
soluciones para personas

Just like corporations, families and individuals need to protect their patrimony from the risks to which they may be exposed.


We can design and place a bespoke programme to meet your requirements, covering inter alia:

  • Properties – principal and vacation dwellings

  • Contents and furniture

  • Works of art

  • Jewelry

  • Yachts & pleasure craft

  • Aircraft




The Venezuelan insurance market offers a wide variety of personal insurances, both in local currency as well as US$, covering:

  • Life

  • Personal Accident

  • Health

  • Funeral Expenses

  • Travel



Just as for corporations, we can offer preferential rates from the principal insurance carriers for this class of business in the Venezuelan insurance market.

In these inflationary times we recommend that special attention be paid to periodically updating the amount of your liability coverage in order to avoid the unwanted situation after a collision when your limit insured does not cover the cost of the damages caused to the third party and you are faced with considerable out of pocket expenses.



Several insurers in the Venezuelan market now offer Health insurances expressed in foreign currency, an excellent way to conserve the amount of your coverage in these times of runaway inflation.

  • Health

  • Travel

Our team is ready to help you and advise which plan is best to meet your requirements.

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